Meet Kalexis – Kalexis Kouture

Meet Kalexis

After years of personal online shopping and a desire to find fashion that stood out among the crowd, Krystle A. Pierre decided to disrupt the fashion industry with her own flair. Born and raised in the country town of Vacherie, Louisiana, Krystle has built an online fashion house that celebrates diversity, beauty, and confidence.

Krystle graduated from the University of New Orleans, where she studied Biology and Chemistry. Post-graduation, Krystle worked at a chemical plant as a lab technician. While working her 9 to 5, she switched her focus to entrepreneurship and opened a clothing boutique. In 2016, Krystle took $1,800 in start-up funds and launched her online store, Kalexis Kouture. As a self-taught entrepreneur, Krystle learned everything from merchandising to content creation without any mentorship. Not discouraged by the lack of sales, in 2017, Krystle invested back into her business to better meet the needs of her target audience and market her unique inventory. During this time, Krystle began to feature herself as the signature Kalexis Kouture model. A typical day in Krystle’s life consisted of waking up at 3 a.m. to take photos with her iPhone in her at-home studio and then preparing to work at her 9 to 5 job. After work, Krystle would come home, edit her content, package orders, and strategize on what’s next for her business – all while being a single mom.

Krystle’s hard work began to pay off in 2019. She was consistent on social media, posting new arrivals every week for “Celebs,” Kalexis’s fan base. Krystle continued to push her brand to the forefront by attending pop-up shops to network with other people in the industry. As her social media presence grew by the thousands, Krystle continued to invest back into her business. The Kalexis inventory eventually took over her entire house! As she would say, “I never stopped going. I was determined to figure it out.” By the end of 2019, Krystle left her corporate job to pursue full-time entrepreneurship. In three months, Krystle matched her previous annual salary, and four months after that, she was able to move her business out of her home and into Kalexis’s first warehouse.

Krystle’s vision for Kalexis is to empower women to not only feel beautiful but to look beautiful while doing so. When she isn’t managing a million-dollar business, Krystle loves to spend time with family and friends and give back to her community. In 2018, she hosted a free ‘Lunch & Learn’ where she shared business advice with aspiring boutique owners and other entrepreneurs. In 2020, Krystle gave away 250 turkeys to people in the Baton Rouge community during the Thanksgiving Holiday. In 2021, Krystle served nearly 600 plate lunches to the community of St. James Parish during Hurricane Ida RecoveryShe is a true believer in paying it forward when God has been good. In 2022, Krystle launched "Give You the Game" by Kalexis. A platform designed to help aspiring and current entrepreneurs start and grow their Businesses to six figures and beyond. Krystle now mentors female entrepreneurs in the Fashion industry nationwide. 

The success of Kalexis is attributed to taking a leap of faith and perseverance. The biggest piece of advice Krystle would give to any new entrepreneur would be to “DO IT, and DO IT SCARED.” Kalexis’s success made Krystle A. Pierre’s dream of uplifting women through style a reality.